About Shopila

Welcome to Shopila, an international online marketplace.
We offer localised cross-border shopping experience in multiple countries, with over 400,000 discounted items and 300+ brands from reliable suppliers from all around Europe & USA, with Shopila you’ll always be getting a good deal – with exceptional service that makes your shopping experience as easy and seamless as possible.


Shopila is here to simplify international shopping for you.
We connect people and products – opening up a world of possibility.
Driven by smart technology, everything we do is designed to put the power directly in your hands – giving you the freedom to shop from trusted and reliable suppliers all around Europe and USA without being worry about customs, shipping, insurance, returns,...
When you shop at Shopila, no matter which country you shop from, you always get free express shipping powered by our great network of international courier companies


Throughout history, consumers have crossed borders to hunt for bargains or to access unique or varieties of items that are not available locally, a phenomenon known as cross-border shopping. Even though the phenomenon of cross-border shopping is nothing new, the emergence of eCommerce and digital technologies has made it easier than ever for people to shop online with merchants across the world. However, cross-border shopping is very difficult and challenging, you usually shop in a non-local currency and don't really know how much the item will cost you in terms of customs and shipping, international shipping is very expensive and slow with risk of loss/damage in transit plus no option to return unwanted or damaged goods. Shopila was born two years ago to resolve all these problems, a state-of-art technology to select and list over half a million products from reliable suppliers all over Europe/USA and a great network of logistic partners to bring a feeling of shopping at a local online store, no matter which country you shop from. We help you save money and enjoy the latest online deals from reliable suppliers all over Europe/USA.
We're a UK based company with over 12 years experience in Logistic and eCommerce industry.

Shopila is a trading name of DirectBe Limited. Registered in England & Wales, Company number 09706823. Registered VAT Number GB219307320.